Creating Great Customer Experiences with Dan Gingiss Expert in Customer Experience - Episode 111


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Dan Gingiss

You can also download Dan’s ebook from his website: 4 Things Every Marketer Must Know About Customer Experience

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Customer experience is one of those tasks that we all feel should be a number one priority for a company that we are having that experience with. But do we put the same amount of effort into our own businesses CX?

Dan Gingiss is a customer experience coach who believes that a remarkable customer experience is your best form of marketing. Building on his previous work within three Fortune 300 companies as well as a library of real-life examples, Dan now offers us his expertise in building an amazing customer experience.

In this episode we cover the main points that Dan’s free ebook (link in the show notes) uncovers; 4 Things Every Marketer Must Know About Customer Experience, including;

- Getting everyone to focus on customer experience - The basics of creating a great experience - The digital platforms that could improve these experiences - The tools and skills will we need in the future

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- Complainers, complain because they care. Listening to your customers is so vital because of this. The ones that provide feedback and are complaining are the ones that want you to succeed, get better, improve on what you have already build. So listen to them.

- Someone has to be accountable for customer experience, although everyone should be involved in it and feel like they should be part of it. Dan gave the example of invoicing and how this can be an important part of the experience, which most companies flippantly pass off as a basic admin task.

- And finally, think about and remember ALL the touch-points your customer has with your organisation and make these memorable and true to your brand. As Dan stated, they don’t have to be expensive. Some the of best experiences are brought about through simple, practical and inexpensive changes.

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