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Intro Facebook Ads are a topic we probably all know a little about and we certainly all consume them on some level, passively or actively. But do we really understand what goes on behind the scenes here?

Our guest on this episode Naira Perez is a Facebook Ads Expert and is with us to go through all the elements we need to know to start effectively engaging with our audience. Naira, the founder of Springhill Digital is a data geek that is committed to brand building through paid social media.

On this episode we go through the most important Facebook Ad actionable tips you need to get your campaign going and getting results, including; Building an audience and targeting, Bidding strategies, What makes a good ad, And the metrics we need to be analyzing.

Watch the episode video:https://youtu.be/7OCAuxV4eqw

Takeaways - Did you know how detailed you can get with Facebook targeting? Even if you aren’t using the platform to target customers it can be a great way to gather insight and develop an understanding as to the profile of those you seek to serve

- When creating an actual Facebook ad, its important to remember ALL the key components to stand the best chance of success. These are;

- Make sure you have an offer - Provide a message that highlights your solution to a problem - Make sure your image or video coordinates with your copy - Be clear on what you want people to do (your call to action or CTA)

- And finally, if you are using videos, make sure the first three seconds and the first frame is engaging enough to gets someone’s attention. Always think about how quick you scroll through your own feed and what catches your attention while doing this. It’s a great starter to becoming a whiz at Facebook Ads.

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