Writing Copy that Works with Helen Pollock the Book Coach and Ghostwriter – Episode 103


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What can we learn from writing a book? Let me rephrase that. What actionable tips can we take from an Amazon-bestselling ghostwriter and non-fiction book coach.

Turns out, there are a lot of actionable steps to help us with our writing. Helen Pollock has transitioned from writing lively and engaging copy for businesses in a whole host of sectors to helping business people to write better books and content through her business - The Content Doc.

Helen believes that everyone can become a better writer and that creating a

simple framework for content creation is the key to great business writing.

But first, everyone needs this type of intro in their lives – Helen, what is Marketing Study Lab in Mandarin?


- Never write for you! Always write for your customer. Their pain points are probably different to yours and should be the focus of what you are writing. Unsure what these are – ask!

- Keep it simple. Just like no one wants to be sold to, no one wants to try and decipher what you’re going on about. Cut the jargon and write in an easy to understand way, but don't be afraid to add variety to your sentences. This will help to keep your audience engaged.

- And finally, read it aloud. There is no better way to find out how your copy actually sounds than reading it back, or even getting someone else to read it to you! This is why TV and films always have read throughs, fine tuning for their audience and you should be doing the same. ACTION!

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