Generating Growth through Sales Enablement with John Raguin, CMO of Seismic


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Over the last couple of years, there has been a 118% increase in job openings with sale enablement in the title. Why is this often-overlooked area of marketing exploding? To find out, we talked to John Raguin, CMO of Seismic, a leading sales enablement platform.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, John talks about sales enablement, why it is exploding in importance and popularity, and how mastering it can lead to massive growth. In this interview, John also talks about making “enablement” a word, what being a CEO taught him about being a CMO, and much more.

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5 Key Takeaways:

- "Sales enablement is one of the pieces that bring marketing and sales together." - John Raguin - Enablement is not a word in any of the major dictionaries, but John encourages everyone to sign their petition to add it to the dictionary so that the sales enablement profession will have a real-world title. - From being a CEO, John learned, "to let things go and to let people make the best decisions." He also discusses the importance of talking to people without being heavy-handed and letting them "shine." - "An organization can only do so many things at one time, and you have to accept that certain things aren't going to be done as well as you would like, or not done at all." - John Raguin - John believes it is important to prioritize those in your pipeline that are closer to closed-won, instead of focusing on one person who isn't ready to cross the line.


John is the CMO of Seismic where he leads their global marketing strategy. Prior to Seismic, John was a partner with venture capital firm F-Prime Capital. John also served as CEO and founder of Guidewire Software (NYSE: GWRE) which he led from inception to $150+M in revenue, as well as in management roles at Ariba (acquired by SAP) and MRO Software (acquired by IBM).


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