Marketing the Future of Cities with Jessica Burton, Global Surveillance Portfolio Marketing Manager at Seagate Technology


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Innovations in technologies like cameras, IoT sensors, and AI have enabled the rise of new connected smart cities. But according to Jessica Burton, Global Surveillance Portfolio Marketing Manager at Seagate Technology, the real backbone of that technology infrastructure is data storage. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Jessica tells us how she is educating system integrators and solution architects about the importance of hard drives and how they can enable smart city innovations.

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5 Key Takeaways: - “In this space, there's so much technology right now. You're talking about everything from cameras to AI software that's simplifying and expanding the whole scope of what surveillance means. It's beyond just security and catching the bad guy these days. It's optimizing your business based on the learnings that you have from your surveillance footage on how to place products within your store or to optimize manufacturing processes.” - Jesica Burton - Smart cities are being enabled by the convergence of multiple technologies including 5G, low-cost high-resolution video cameras, and traffic sensors. All these technologies create data that needs to be stored. - “The world is changing for smart cities; capabilities are increasing, but at the same time, costs are significantly decreasing.”— Jesica Burton - When dealing with customers, Jessica addresses the fact that there is the right drive for the correct application. Not all storage is created equal. - “At the end of the day, it comes down to understanding who your customer is, but not only understanding who your customer is, but who's making that purchase decision in the buyer's journey." - Jessica Burton

Bio: Jessica Burton is the Global Surveillance Product Marketing Manager at Seagate Technology, and she has over 10 years of experience in IT storage. Prior to her current position at Seagate, she was the Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, working on the storage, server and cloud portfolios. She also previously worked for HP as the Global Business Planning and Product Manager.


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