We Reached Coast FIRE! How We Saved $500k by 40


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Our family has reached Coast FIRE!

After saving and investing over $500,000 before our 40th birthdays, we are pumping the breaks on investing for retirement and focusing on other goals in our lives.

Find out how we did it and what those goals are in today's episode.

Also, for our Be the Change segment, Ed Grocholski from Junior Achievement shares why it's important to teach kids financial and entrepreneurial skills ... especially after the pandemic.

Lastly, we have another money quiz with my daughter Zoey and we'll read the review of the month!


Tello: http://www.marriagekidsandmoney.com/tello

Firstly: http://www.marriagekidsandmoney.com/firstly

Wallet Burst Coast FIRE Calculator: https://walletburst.com/tools/coast-fire-calc/

Compound Interest Calculator: https://www.investor.gov/financial-tools-calculators/calculators/compound-interest-calculator

Junior Achievement: https://jausa.ja.org/

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