Marrow in the Making: Basics & Beginnings – Episode 9


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Join us for this week's podcast in Episode 9 of Marrow in the Making, in which we get to interview our first guests, Sharif and Jessica, owners of Modus Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia. On October 12, 2018, we all shared coffee, whiskey, and lots of laughs during our visit to Vancouver for a friend's wedding. From the differences between espresso and pour over, to the ins and outs of starting a coffee shop in Mount Pleasant, Sharif and Jessica give us some wonderful insight into what it takes to get into the world of coffee beans and being your own barista. We had a ton of fun interviewing them, and we hope you enjoy listening to us chat, drink coffee, and eat some delicious shortbread. Want to visit Modus Coffee? It is located at: 112 W Broadway, Vancouver BC, Canada Not in beautiful B.C. and looking to electronically visit Modus Coffee? Check them out online at: At their website: On Instagram On Facebook On Twitter On Tumblr Thanks for listening!

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