#138 Patrick Page from the Grammy Winning Musical "Hadestown" Joins Marta on the Move to Talk the Future of Live Theater


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Patrick Page is the leading man of stage and screen. Known for his sultry and sexy bass vocals that bring texture to any character he touches. I could not wait to catch up with him during his social distancing and find out what he has been up to.

I am completely blessed to have viewed Patrick in Hadestown twice in New York, shortly before he was nominated for the Tony for best leading man in a musical, and before Hadestown won the Grammy for best score. It was a magical time to be able to witness this exceptional show.

Join us as we catch up as we converse and try and predict the future of live theater, talk about him missing his Hadestown cast, his favorite past roles and costumes, our opinions of Game of Thrones book verses film, his new podcast and most importantly- the future of live theater. What IS next for live theater? Where are we heading during and after Covid, and how will we adapt as humans. We talk about all of this and more.

When Patrick and I meet we always geek out over magic, it never fails. We are riveted by sleight of hand, and Patrick himself is a magician. I planned a special surprise for him in this episode where I bring on Pittsburgh's own Lee Terbosic to perform a very special trick for him. It was super fun to connect via zoom and watch his reactions to Lee's special trick. Thanks Lee!

Check out Patrick's new podcast and follow him over on Instagram and also on Twitter


Patrick Page as Lumiere in Beauty in the Beast

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