#139 Sailing on a Boat During Coronavirus with Will Clower


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Friend Will Clower and his wife sold everything and bought a boat to sail around the world. They have been on this vessel for almost two years. I had to have him on the show to hear about how they are dealing with coronavirus right now, and also how islands are working through food, drink and supply shortages.

I also secretly would love to do what they did, and wanted to hear for myself what it is like giving up all and switching to boat life for good. Where are his favorite stops? If he had to post up anywhere, where would it be? What place is truly "off the grid" and lovely.

Grab a drink as we cheers each other and YOU with our respective beverages, and away we go! Come join us!

Tahiti Where Will is Currently. (Having trouble feeling bad lol)

This episode is sponsored by Kingly Spirits! A pittsburgh based distillery in the heart of the Strip District. I personally made a cocktail for this episode with their Bliss Aged Rum and the Nonino Italian Liqueur and I am in heaven! I hate to admit that I am also now adding the Nonino to my morning latte sometimes....... No judgement, people! I did a one to one ratio for this drink, and I have no idea what to call it.

What should I name this drink?

Name Ideas?!

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