Episode 135: Claire Vo: The Return on Digital Experience Optimization


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In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Claire Vo, SVP of Product Management at Optimizely. Claire has been assisting the world's largest brands to implement successful experimentation programs and she shares her insights with our listeners on why and how to get started!

Questions that we cover in our interview:

  • What does Optimizely do? How do you enable experimentation?
  • What type of companies do you work with? How have your customers adopted experimentation?
  • What tips do you have for companies who are hesitant to adopt an experimentation model/mindset?
  • At what point should a marketer think about testing? Is there a budget amount? Or is it immediate?
  • How do Optimizely customers research and develop testing scenarios?
  • How easy is it to get started on Optimizely?
  • What marketing platforms does Optimizely work with?
  • Does Optimizely integrate with Google Analytics? Tag Manager? Other analytics platforms?

Optimizely helps marketers headline ideas, images, CTA's, colors, graphics, in-code pricing algorithms and more. The platform lets you control how many people see your experiments and then measures their responses by segment. And with their patented Stats Engine technology, you always get fast, trusted results.

Special Guest: Claire Vo.

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  • Sample Size Calculator — Optimizely's A/B test sample size calculator is powered by the formula behind our their new Stats Engine, which uses a two-tailed sequential likelihood ratio test with false discovery rate controls to calculate statistical significance.
  • Optimizely — Optimize your digital experiences across every device and every customer touchpoint with the industry's leading experimentation platform.

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