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The future of podcasting is here and now! Time flies... It is now about six months since I published an episode. It is six months until the book fair in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am celebrating my name-day, with informing you about my upcoming birthday. This solo episode is a call for help, as I am entering a new career phase as a self-published author, in the near future. During this show, you will hear plenty of shout outs and call to actions. Show notes: 00 The Future of Podcasting (August 24, 2017) 00 Followup Conversation with Maria Dolores (September 30, 2017) 00 Gothenburg Book Fair (September 27 - 30, 2018) 01 Name-Day (March 27) 01 My birthday on May 25 01 About Martin Lindeskog 01 EGO NetCast podcast 02 Menu podcast (MenyPodden) 02 Productivity + tea podcast (Produktivitéet) 02 Penn Meets Paper podcast (Penna Möter Papper) 02 Interview with Kate Dmitrieva from Benu Pen 02 Home preparedness podcast (Hemberedskap) 03 Management Studio podcast 03 Kimchi 03 Percolation 04 International Podcast Day 05 First forthcoming book on (black) tea 05 Stand-in for a BNI member (Instagram photo) 06 Business Network International (BNI) 07 Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow game 07 Precious metals, e.g., gold and silver 08 Tea Book Sketches - The Process of Cultivating a Tea Book 09 Jingles by Jim Jonsson of JTunes Productions 09 09 Boss Jock Studio 10 IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav compact lavalier microphone for smartphones and tablets (two-pack) (affiliate link) 10 Ringr (referral link) 10 EGO Interview with Tim Sinclair 11 Conference calling is here! - Ringr blog 11 Auphonic (donate credits) 12 The Feed podcast 13 Spext 14 Ferrite recording studio 14 Hindenburg journalist 16 Exactly How To Find A Life-Changing Mastermind Group (6 Huge Mistakes To Avoid) Ep 82 - Courage & Clarity podcast 16 Fizzle (referral link) 16 Finish the First Book on Tea 17 Thank-You Note 17 The Mastermind Group will Not Fizzle Out 17 Empower California 18 Gothenburg Podcasting Meetup - GOT Poddradio 19 Shipping Podcast 20 Course on Anchor by Ileane Smith (affiliate link) 21 Making the Brand podcast by Chris Brogan 21 Making a Book, Blog or Podcast? Start Here! - Fizzle Show 22 Minimalist Baker: The Secret To Building A Rock Solid Brand With Dana Shultz 23 Shawn Smith 23 EGO Search on Addy Saucedo of The Podcaster Planner 25 The Podcaster's Life with Alexander Laurin 26 Ask Win 26 Thanks to Commit Action 28 Karin Hoegh - SolopreneurCast 29 Speed up your podcasts for more efficient listening - Lifehacker 29 Overcast 30 EGO NetCast - Support page 31 GoldMoney 31 Southern New Hampshire University 33 Crowdfunding campaign page for Tea Book Sketches 33 Big Mac celebrating 50 years 33 Instagram picture - Big Mac’s 50th birthday 34 34 Fundraising pool (moneybox) for my Journeying 34 PayPal launches Money Pools, where groups chip in to raise money to buy things - TechCrunch 34 Copenhagen 35 London 35 Athens 35 Aristotle’s Lyceum (Peripatetic School) 36 Working toward a free-market future for Lebanon - Atlas Network 36 Audible Trial - mid roll message (affilate link) 38 Affiliate links related to podcasting 39 In-audio search - CastBox.FM 39 The Book of Tea 39 Having a Tea Meetup in Little London and Big Apple (Ken Cohen, Talking Tea podcast) 40 Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics 40 The Little Book of Ikigai 41 Remote 41 Basecamp 42 Deep Work 43 Tim Ferriss - reishi mushrooms 44 Independent distributor (ID number 103807349) of Unicity’s products 44 Unimate - A Revolutionary Discovery 44 Yerba mate 44 How is Unimate different from traditional Yerba Mate? 44 Instagram photo of a beverage during a Skype conference call with my Mastermind group 45 Matcha green tea (Instagram photo) 46 Lyceum Bulletin newsletter 46 Revue 47 Could a Popup Lead to an Upgrade of the Content Creation? (MailerLite) 48 Martin Lindeskog is creating podcasts - Patreon 48 Behind the scenes stuff fo patrons - Lens by Patreon 49 Ileane...

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