Marvelverse Podcast Episode 31 – "Failed Experiments"


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On this week's Marvelverse Podcast, Dan, Nicki, Josh and James review Episode 19 of Agents of Shield Season 3 entitled Failed Experiments where a S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team goes after Hive as Mack tries to rescue Daisy before it's too late and FitzSimmons create an anti-toxin against Hive's parasites that Lincoln insists on testing it on himself. We also report news on the Inhumans movie no longer having a release date, The Punisher getting his own Netflix series and read feedback from our loyal listeners.

News with Nico Marvel Edition:

Inhumans No Longer Has a Release Date?

Punisher Gets His Own TV Series on Netflix?

TV Shows Reviewed on This Week's Marvelverse Podcast:

Agents of Shield: S03E19 "Failed Experiments"

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