Episode 10: Hazel Findlay


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Photo by Jon Griffith

Photo by Jon Griffith

Hazel Findlay is a 28-year-old professional climber and mental training coach. She’s been climbing since she was 6, competing since she was 7, and also is delightfully philosophical aaaaaand British. In this episode we chat about the psychological aspects of climbing, the experience of flow, and Hazel’s perspective on the importance of mental training for climbers. We recorded this episode via Skype: Hazel on location in Spain and me in the parking lot of the Bend Downtown Library. This episode also features an extension of “I Peed In My Belay Spot” from Episode Seven with listener favorite Cayla Stahley.

You can follow Hazel Findlay on Her website www.hazelfindlayclimbing.com As well as on Facebook and Instagram. Check out this series that Hazel wrote for Black Diamond: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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