Episode 12: Whitney Burton


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Photo by Ben Firth

Photo by Ben Firth

Whitney Burton is a special ed and reading intervention teacher and climber who currently resides in Golden, Colorado. Originally from Olympia, Washington, Whitney is one half of the climbing duo @truckbedboulderers with her long-time partner Ben Firth. In this episode we talk her training regime, periods, coaching kids, Whit's recent experience with a nutritional coach, how nice it is to be told to eat more, and talk just a little, tiny bit about crying. We also enjoy a little mansplainin’…!!!

To see more from Whitney (and Ben!) find them on Instagram as @truckbedboulderers. The books mentioned in this ep are Taking Charge of Your Fertility and ROAR. If you're period-friendly you can donate money, bras, or hygiene products to I Support the Girls AND if you're interested in working with the nutritionist Whit does, check out From the Mountains Wellness.

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