Episode 13: Roanne van Voorst


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Photo provided by Roanne van Voorst

Photo provided by Roanne van Voorst

Roanne van Voorst is, in her own words, an "author, anthropologist, a world-traveller with a preference to stay home, a wannabe dog-whisperer, a serial plant-killer, an introvert public speaker, and a rock climber with severe vertigo." She's been researching risk behavior since 2008, and since then has lived in the slums of Indonesia, in Inuit hunters' villages, and published this really rad book (among others) on fear. Join us while we chat about fear and some of your favorite climbers like Lynn Hill, Steph Davis, and Hazel Findlay.

You can find Roanne on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.
Grab her book FEAR! Extreme Athletes on How to Reach Your Highest Goals and Overcome Stress and Self Doubt here.

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