Episode 15: Abby Dione


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Photo by Leon Legot

Photo by Leon Legot

Abby Dione is a delightful and thoughtful climber and owner of the Coral Cliffs climbing gym located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (check out the fabulous Coral Cliffs website here). She also happens to be the first black woman to own a climbing gym in the United States. Join us for this episode in which we discuss Abby’s introduction to climbing, her decades long practice of a martial art I still cannot pronounce, and the hope and positive change that Abby brings to the world (both climbing and muggle!)

Abby does not have any person social media accounts, but if you like you can spot her occasionally on the Coral Cliffs Instagram. If you haven’t already clicked the link to the Coral Cliffs website, DO SO NOW. It’s amaze-balls. If you’d like to read more about Abby and the thoughts in her brilliant mind check out these articles from Essence and Melanin Base Camp.

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