Episode 8: Hannah Allen-Young


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Photo by David Parker

Photo by David Parker

Hannah is a 21-year-old student and climber originally from Santa Cruz, California but currently based in Olympia, Washington. She is employed at Cirque Climbing Gym in Lacey, Washington as a general all-around helpful/lovely employee and boulder problem-setter. Boulder route-setter? Bouldering route setter? She sets the boulder problems! Currently (as of recording) a senior at The Evergreen State College, Hannah is studying interdisciplinary humanities and poetry. We chat lots of climbing, a little bit of flow, and how many different things can be poetry. And guess what? She reads us one of her poems! Also, Zowie reads us a poem! Two poems are read in this episode!

If you'd like to follow Hannah Allen-Young, you can find her on Facebook under her given name and on Instagram as @babygodzillah

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