Episode 9: Natalie Corbett


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Photo by friend of Natalie Corbett

Photo by friend of Natalie Corbett

Episode Nine is brought to you by: The Amazing People We Meet On Instagram! In addition to being an avid climber, Natalie Corbett (aka Nat) is the first trans woman to bike the Pan American Highway. That's a lot of pedaling, people! In this episode we explore Nat's relationship with climbing, that time she got hit by a bus, and why she wants to do pedal such a very long way. She is super funny and quite sarcastic, and is not Canadian (don't let the accent fool you). She is also a meteorologist!! Also in this episode: our first rendition of the segment "Tent Sex". Just an FYI in case you listen with your mother. Or you are my mother...

You can follow Natalie on her website www.nataliebybike.com, on Facebook as Natalie Corbett, and on Instagram as @dr_climb_medicine_woman.

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