Episode 3: Lindsey Hamm


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Photo by Anthony Johnson

Photo by Anthony Johnson

Lindsey Hamm! Lindsey Hamm! Lindsey Hamm! If you do not know Hamminator2017 you are missing out. This firecracker of a human being is fun, and I have been slow stalking her across the western part of the continental U.S., with only one nighttime sighting and zero climbing. ZERO! Anyway-- We talk to Lindsey about guiding, learning patience, underpants, no underpants, and dogs... we talk a lot about dogs. Because dogs are the best and we are pro-dogs. BONUS: Experiential Crag Snacks! segment with alpinist Katie Agren- Katie is a bit of a Crag Snacks! gourmet ;)

You definitely should follow Lindsey Hamm on Instagram @hamminator2017, and especially check out her stories that involve singing and dancing. It's like a fucking musical over there. You can also hire her as a guide, DM her for more info.
Oh! And here is that hamster Video.

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