Mini Episode #1


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Photo by Drew Schneidler

Photo by Drew Schneidler

A short, ten minute episode that explains a little bit about our (my) hiatus from the podcasting world. And world generally.
Honestly, to type enough to fill up this informational space in the same proportion as per usual for an episode would basically transcribe the episode. So instead, this is getting filled up with excessively worded and unnecessary sentences. This ep is basically a short diatribe about depression and your host Zowie Aleshire's mental health :) It's unscripted and not particularly polished. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!

You can find Zowie on this here website, on Facebook @zowiealeshire, and on Instagram @zowiealeshire (it's a private account but just ask!). She recommends you check out the Jamcrack podcast, hosted by Niall Grimes for a good time.

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