Impossible Choices When Your Kid Deals With Mental Illness with Allison Garner


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Allison Garner is a leadership coach and consultant, author, and public speaker. She is the owner of Align Coaching, a platform where professionals can use her services to mentally transform themselves into the leaders their organizations need them to be. She is the author of Think Possible, where she highlights the experiences of those who think outside the box, and Unconditional, where Allison takes the reader through her experiences with her daughter’s mental illness and eventual recovery.

Allison joins me today to discuss how she confronted her daughter’s mental illness, her struggles, and her realizations. She describes her career as a speaker and coach, and how she became an advocate for better mental health systems for children. She shares the story of how her daughter struggled in school, how it affected Allison mentally and emotionally, and the resources she used to help her daughter. Allison also explains how she coped with the idea of not seeing her daughter for months as part of her treatment.

"The critical thing is to get your arms around reality. Quit turning your back on it." - Allison Garner

Today on Mastering Midlife:

  • How Allison became a staunch advocate for kids with mental illnesses.
  • What Allison told her daughter about getting help and mental health.
  • How Allison dealt with her daughter's suicide attempts.
  • Why the current mental health system is not ideal for children.
  • Allison's experience with her child's mental health professionals
  • What eventually helped with her daughter's depression.
  • The resources and experts Allison found that helped her daughter.
  • Coping with allowing her daughter to get treated away from home.
  • How her daughter's mental wellbeing affected Allison's son.
  • Does Allison also blame herself for what happened to her children?

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