Uplevel Your Leadership Through the Power of a Peer Group with Vistage Chair Brian Roberts


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Brian Roberts is the CEO Advisor and CEO Peer Group Leader at Vistage, a company that provides private advisory boards for business owners, senior executives, and CEOs. He is also what they call a Vistage Chair, a highly regarded and trusted representative of the company’s established ways of executive coaching and group facilitation. Brian regularly works with executives and their teams, transforming them from being good leaders to great leaders.

Brian joins me today to discuss the benefits of being part of a peer group and why peer pressure can be a positive force. He explains the importance of recognizing how your words as a leader can have a positive or negative impact on your team. He shares some of the lessons he’s learned from being a peer-group leader as well as some interesting stories from his clients. Brian also describes why reading a book a second time can have a different impact on your life.

“From the moment you head to the office, you have to start thinking and acting like a leader.” - Brian Roberts

Today on Mastering Midlife:

  • The problems he saw that made him start Vistage.
  • What he loves about working with a peer group.
  • The amount of time you need to commit to a peer group.
  • Interesting stories he picked up during some of his meetings.
  • The good side of falling for peer pressure.
  • Different needs by different leaders in a peer group.
  • The lessons he's learned from speaking with CEOs and other industry leaders.
  • The gravity of what a leader says and how staff might interpret them.
  • How to use humility and be vulnerable as a leader.
  • Why you should try reading books a second time.

Brian Robert’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Leaders always have to assume everyone is looking at them.
  • Leadership is not something you do or have; it's a state of being.


Connect with Brian Roberts:

  • Vistage
  • Email: brian.roberts@vistagechair.com
  • Phone: (703) 405-1733

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