Episode 10: Mindfulness and Work-Life-Integration - With Bjorn Lee, Founder & CEO of Mindfi


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Talking and listening to Bjorn is like wandering through a big library full of books about wellbeing and mindfulness. His wealth of knowledge in this space is so resourceful that one can only take note of the books that we need to read.

Bjorn has always been involved in passion projects. From starting over a decade ago with a startup community platform (which became the well known media and events company e27), he worked in Silicon Valley and Singapore in various product companies to now founding Mindfi. He tried and is still trying various forms of meditation and keeps learning about how to optimise his work-life integration in the age of technology and constant input. He believes in good habits. One of them is his 4 staged morning routine after waking up: breathing, a full body scan, being grateful and showing self-affirmation.

This episode is for everyone that is keen to enter and learn more about a mindful life. Being mindful doesn't take much to start with, but then requires hard work to stay on track. Training the mental muscle takes time and effort is rewarded over time. Bjorn states that is takes up to three months to see the first results of meditation.

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