Mastering Money 11/8/19


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Retirement planning is a multi-dimensional undertaking. Done properly, retirement planning spans two-thirds of a person’s life! Ideally, retirement planning begins at the point a person begins working, and continues for at least thirty years and beyond. The advent of the 401k plan has created a generation of millionaires-on-paper who have accumulated over a million dollars when combining retirement accounts, investments, and home equity. Studies show that people with a million dollars in 401ks and IRAs have something in common: Almost all of them worry they will run out of money one day. They worry that the market will crash, taxes will rise, social security will go broke, and inflation cuts their buying power in half. Today, we’ll talk about five specific retirement planning REALITIES that you can't get wrong, for those who HAVE had a good fortune--and the fortitude--to accumulate a substantial 401k. You don't want to miss today's show--MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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