Mastering Money 2/12/21


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Investment mistakes are easy to make, even when you take a logical approach to the market. And who among us is 100 percent logical all the time? Most people in or near retirement would rather not spend hours a day studying market trends, money flows, and reading detailed reports. That's why you offload that task to a professional. But there were a number of money managers and analysts who were caught off guard by the 2020 election. Many thought it was logical that if Joe Biden won the election, the market would decline. But the market went UP on election day, proving one important thing: the market is RARELY logical! But does that mean YOU can't take a logical approach to your investments? Not at all! Today, we'll examine just how to do that. Then health insurance and Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A truly educational show you don't want to miss...MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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