2018 Year in Review


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This week's episode is the last episode of 2018! As usual, I'm reflecting on the last 12 months and everything that I've accomplished throughout the year.

I start this episode by sharing where I spent this year. My year was split between 5 months in Mexico, 5 months at home, and 2 months in the United States. By the time this episode airs, I'll be on a plane to Mexico to finish off the year exactly where I started it, in Mexico City.

This year I've felt a lot of accomplishment. I spent the first half of 2018 doing a lot of personal development and working on my money story to allow money to flow into my life and my business. The second half of the year, I worked my tail off to save for my 300 hour YTT that I'll be doing in early 2019. I said "yes" to every project that came my way, and because of that I am looking to find more ease in 2019. My intention moving forward is to work smarter, not harder.

My other successes for 2018 include releasing 50 new episodes of the podcast, talking to amazing guests from around the world including Jason Crandell, Diane Bruni and Amber Sears. I doubled my podcast downloads, released my signature course, Yoga Business Bootcamp, and grew my private Facebook community, Yoga Business Badasses a ton. I am so grateful for this community, and I couldn't have done any of that without you guys, so thank you for listening and supporting me!

Finally, I talk about some of my failures and room for improvement in 2019, where the first half of the year is taking me, and more.


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