Episode 4: Sink into our Brains


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Episode 4 : Sink into our Brains

Natalie and Lish thank CrazyKnittingFool for their very first iTunes review. Also, Thank you to Arlin from the The Lost Geek Podcastfor mentioning us in her latest episode.

Master Status:(4:06)

Natalie and Lish started their program binder. They have started swatch 1, which they cast on together on the SAME day via FaceTime. Natalie teaches Lish the long tail cast on. Lish discusses her strategy to work on swatches. Lish wants the skills to sink into our brains!

Natalie has had to cast on 3 times and discusses what she observed in her knitting. She found a

trick to tighten 2nd knit stitch,Ugly Ribbing videoby Arenda Holladay. She also used Bar Increases in Ribbingby Arenda Holladay to know which increase to use.Tension Problemin Selvedges by Arenda Holladay to try to work out edge stitch. Natalie also found a helpful website to figure out how to increase evenly.

Master Plan: (16:22)

Lish and Natalie will knit swatches 2, 3, and 4 for the next round to catch up. They are going to look at blocking research.

In our hands:(17:39)

Alicia picked up her YsoldaBlank Canvas. She knitted the second sleeve. She also cast on a Basic New Born Hat, byJennifer Jacksonwith Plymouth Yarn, Sweet Caroline 100% cotton. Alicia mentions a knit shop, The Knitter’s Edge in Bethlehem, PA.

Natalie is working on Alicia's wedding shawlAphroditeby Sivia Harding usingJuniper Moon Farm Findleyin Atmosphere, a lovely pale blue. She cast on an ankle sock using ONline Supersocke Cotton Beach Color color #941 improvised pattern and using fish lips kiss heel.

Dropped stitches:(31:06)

Natalie had to drop down a couple times in the shawl to fix missed stitches. She also discusses every knitters nightmare!

Lish needs to take time to count.

Master Pieces:(34:11)

Alicia beat her deadline! She completed Traveling WomanShawl #6.

Simply Selfie:(28:50)

Natalie survived conference but it was extremely exhausting! She discussed the value of getting to meet customers face to face! Just like we hope to go to festivals and do meet n greets! Maria sleeping through night mostly. Carmen plays teacher.

Alicia shares her bridal shower and bachelorette Party. She talks about her friends joining together from different parts of her life.

Raise your Hand?:(1:01)

Natalie and Alicia discuss how they adjust their knitting for warmer seasons.

On the Road: (1:07)

Natalie will be knitting at the Bench on Sunday April 13th from 3-5pm at The Green Bench Brewing Co.in St. Pete.

Happy Tails: (1:09)

Ellen Melcher shares Gus’ adoption story.

To submit your own story, please go to www.masteringtheknits.com and fill out a form. We will read your animals rescue story on future podcasts.

Comfort zone:(1:10)

Natalie has been enjoying Parenthood and Game of Thrones.Lish has is thankful for friendship and homemade pecan rolls.

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