91: Jocelyn Robinson, Intuitive and Psychic Channeler

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Jocelyn Robinson/Intuitive & Psychic Channeler

Jocelyn Robinson is an Intuitive and Psychic Channeler. Jocelyn was first introduced to her connection with the divine in her early twenties through her exploration of different energy healing techniques, spiritually conscious literature, and focusing on the mind-body connection. She traveled down this path due to her health issues such as chronic migraines, allergies, food sensitivities, recurrent candida, and autoimmune disease and related symptoms. By working with her own support team, she was able to align her emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies to reach true healing. Through these events, Jocelyn became aware of her gift of intuition. Jocelyn has the psychic abilities of claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience that allows her to connect with her clients’ spiritual guides and channel messages.

Jocelyn has been working with her gift for more than two years assisting her clients by providing strategic clarity for their businesses and guidance for physical, emotional, and relationship challenges. She also supports her clients in aligning their own emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies to gain more clarity, direction, and healing within their own lives.

Jocelyn is able to provide in-depth business strategy due to her extensive background in marketing. She has had more than ten-years of experience in marketing with SMB organizations, corporate, startups, and entrepreneurs. Her wide ranging skills include strategy, branding, public relations, integrated marketing, content marketing, and social marketing. Through her professional marketing experience, she is able to provide an accurate and strategic approach for her clients’ intuitive business strategy readings.

Jocelyn believes we all have the power to heal ourselves and tap into our intuition, since she has experienced profound healing in her own life. She now is able to help people with some of the same challenges she went through, and feels a great sense of purpose and fulfillment to help others feel supported in navigating their own challenges.

Jocelyn has helped motivate and support her clients taking action in many different areas of their lives. After working with Jocelyn, clients have started writing the book they were putting off, began pursuing their passion of tarot card readings as a career, and created exact targeting methods for their lead generation.

Jocelyn lives in Atlanta with her cat, Fini, and enjoys spending time hiking in nature, meditating, practicing yoga, dancing, and spending time with friends while practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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