Episode 127 – Real Estate Investments with Crowdestate


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Real estate is one of the most popular types of investment worldwide, and is deemed a secure long-term investment. In today’s episode, we learn how Estonian platform Crowdestate is making this asset class accessible to the smaller investor, and the challenges they have faced over the years. We speak with CEO And founder Loit Linnupold, who I feel is one of the few honest characters in this “wild west” space of online investment platforms.

He doesn’t hold back on sharing his experience on how things started off and how much investment he needed to make in order to build this platform. He also shares what mistakes they made over the years, including that of diversifying into working capital loans, which are notoriously hard to manage and assess reliably.

As an investor, I too have suffered from this misstep, as I have a few non-performing working capital loans, however, overall I am still making a profit, and on a long-term perspective things are looking good. If you’re looking for a real estate platform where you can invest across several geographical areas as well as different risk levels, Crowdestate should be one of your first choices.

As I always say, one of the most important steps in conducting your due diligence is to get to know the people behind a platform, and I hope that this episode will help you to get to know the founder Loit in a better way, then make your own decision on whether you want to invest.


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