Episode 106 – Interview with Mr Retirement Asif Rahman


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In this episode, Jean joins Asif on the show to have an informal chat between friends.

We touch on some important topics such as:

  • the current state of WordPress and thoughts about its future,
  • what it means to retire in your mid-thirties,
  • the impact of travel and living abroad on our lives,
  • how our parents’ lifestyles shaped our choices and motivations
  • life in Bangladesh

Asif is one of my favorite people in the WordPress community; I really respect what he’s managed to achieve so far and best of all the fact that he has remained very humble and open to sharing his knowledge with anyone who approaches him for help and mentorship. I wholeheartedly support the drive to have Bangladesh host their first WordCamp ever, and hope to have the chance to visit this country in the near future.

Enjoy the show!



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