Ethan Roland Soloviev - What is Regenerative?


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Ethan has been working for years in regenerative agriculture. In our conversation he invites us to think deeply about the frameworks we decide to work with as opposed to following rules or practices. He invites us to think about generative questions we can ask about the land and our relationship to specific ecosystems and their potential, as opposed to thinking about problems. He invites us to think, rather than define, to relate rather than control, and understand ourselves as part of those living systems relationships and the intricate and unique story of each place.

Ethan Roland Soloviev is Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood, he’ll explain what that is towards the end of the episode. He is also an owner of High Falls Farm. He is the author of "Levels of Regenerative Agriculture" and "Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance."

Ethan is an international expert on regenerative agriculture, regenerative business, and permaculture design, with experience in 34 countries. He is the founder of the Regenerative Enterprise Institute, a member of the Regenerative Business Alliance, and an Associate of the Carol Sanford Institute (after this episode, if you’re intrigued, jump to episode 20 of Masters of Regeneration Radio with Carol Sanford).

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