Special: Pay attention to crisis data, because it's the story of our times, says Nancy Lublin


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"Anxiety," "grief," "mom": these are the words that are coming up at this extreme moment in time. That data comes from Crisis Text Line’s Nancy Lublin, whose online counselors are using both empathy and aggregated data to help people through this pandemic. Crisis Text Line provides free, confidential crisis counseling via text, 24/7. To help counselors meet the moment, they anonymize and analyze real-time data on how their users are feeling – and that data is telling them the story of right now. Hosted by editor-at-large Bob Safian.

Jaw-dropping data reporting here: "How Is America Feeling?" Read: https://www.crisistextline.org/everyday-empathy/

Want to support Crisis Text Line? Here's what Nancy suggests:

  • SEND US MORE PEOPLE IN PAIN. We want to help. Share CrisisTextLine.org
  • SEND US MORE PARTNERS. We want more people to know we are here and 100% operational. Media partners, companies, influencers, hotlines. Find us at CrisisTextLine.org
  • SEND US MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO VOLUNTEER. People can be part of a solution, from their couch, in their jammies. CrisisTextLine.org/volunteer

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