Mating Message: Sex Vs. Intimacy


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In this little bite size bonus, Dr. Wendy addresses listener Alex from Michigan's question she left on our Mating Matters message line. Is it possible to share yourself completely without sex? How intimate can you be before a line is crossed? It's something we've AAALLL struggled with at one time or another as we navigate love and monogamy and sex. Yes, I did say AAALL. I know, a gross generalization. I should have said "many" or "most of us," but I'm just going for it, cuz deep down, isn't it true?

And if i'm wrong, and shame on me, call the Mating Matters message line and tell me so! 323-207-8277

Also, we're looking for a few of you for Season 2 episodes. If you started puberty waaay earlier than your friends and/or if you are a woman who has experienced "The Change," call us. Tell us about it.


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