MBS283 - Pipeline Generator Podstorm #01 - Traditional Lead Generation is Broken


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Welcome to the Pipeline Generator #podstorm this is a 12 part series in which we walk you through some of the key aspects of our new digital accelerant program. Pipeline Generator is a proprietary digital learning course designed to empower any business with the means to design and deploy a market making pipeline generation campaign in the B2B space. Digital Kungfu, the Fastest gun in tech, has delivered over R236 million (GBP 12 million) in sales qualified pipeline in less than 12 months. Off the back of this success, the company has decided to open up its highly valued intellectual property (IP) and knowledge capital to B2B companies who need to generate high quality leads for their business. Get 50% off your Pipeline Generator training for the month of September. Simply enter the code NINJA-50 at checkout and save a minimum of $500 on your training. Visit www.pipelinegenerator.com to redeem this special launch offer now.

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