511 Resawing on the bandsaw for fun?


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Recently I've been doing a lot of resawing on my bandsaw. Resawing is a great way to get thin material for a project versus wasting away the material by simply running it through a thickness planer or purchasing it pre-thicknessed (which probably means it's been sitting around for a while and is bowed or warped by the time you get it).
Resaw pic
In episode No. 491 "Resawing options" I had shared different ways I know of to resaw thicker material, but I didn't go into the details, especially when it came to my techniques on the bandsaw. And that's what we're doing on today's show, talking about how I resaw and a few tips on what I do to get my bandsaw all set up for it.
Tools in today's show:
Steel City Tool Works 14-Inch Band Saw
Kreg Bandsaw Fence
Woodslicer resaw blade

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