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Over the years there have been a lot of questions from new woodworkers. One of the most frequent is "should I buy a full set of chisels or just one or two?"
The easy answer is "YES get a full set" but that's not always the correct one.
In fact, if I had to rebuild my entire shop from the ground up and retool it, I'd probably avoid an entire set of chisels and instead concentrate on adding one or two high quality versions as needed.
Most of these chisels never get used!
In today's episode I share with you the advice I like to offer new woodworkers (and some experienced ones) when it comes to purchasing chisels.
With so many different tool manufacturers, sizes and even specialty chisels to choose from, it's hard to decide where to get started when buying your first (or next) chisel(s).
My advice is pretty simple, and it can easily transfer to other tools and accessories in your shop later down the road.
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