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Greetings Citizens and welcome to the pilot episode of the RETRO COOL NERD POWCAST! A retro look at all things cool! Hosted by Jimmy "The Gent", The POWCAST! aims to bring you a nostalgic look back at the things and people from your childhood that made you who you are today. In Jimmy’s case that was the Batman 66 TV show that inspired a never ending celebration of all things retro, cool, and maybe a little nerdy. 80 years ago, almost to the date, Richard “Dick” Grayson would set the bar for hero side kicks as Robin The Boy Wonder. 26 years later Mr. Burt Ward would portray ½ of the Dynamic Duo on 1966’s BATMAN TV show influencing generations of children and adults alike. In our first POWCAST! we invite past and future listeners to join in our 80 year anniversary celebration of Robin the Boy Wonder, and who else would be more qualified to talk about the original sidekick other than our very special guest, pop culture’s first live action “Robin”, Mr. Burt Ward. Listen in as Burt shares tales from his past, both on and off the set, and his further adventures as founder and a “Canine Crusader” with Gentle Giants Dog Food as we celebrate 80 years of Robin The Boy Wonder! Grab your headphones, throw on your mask and cape, sit back and embark on a journey with your host Jimmy “The Gent” as he guides you down the wild rapids and twisting turns of our maiden voyage of the RETRO COOL NERD POWCAST! A Saturday Morning Cereal Production hosted on Matty P Radio.

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