Episode 51: Women in Tech Mavens Lise Rasmussen and Christina Gibson


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Episode 51 of the Mavens Do It Better Podcast features the wonderful Lise Rasmussen and Christina Gibson, hosts of the WITGirls podcast, a monthly pod dedicated to sharing the latest news about and their expertise from working with Office 365 and SharePoint.

Lise, Christina,  and Heather caught up virtually from Stockholm, Sweden and Marina del Rey, CA. 

Listen in as  Lise, Christina and Heather talk about: 

  • The origin story of Lise and Christina finding each other during a job interview, finding a soulmate at that moment and coming together to create the WITGirls podcast with their global reach - sharing challenges, struggles, and what’s new in technology.

  • A discussion of social media handles, where and when Lise, Christina, and Heather met during the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm, and what the heck a banaisen is, with some giggles about the term “fanny pack” in many languages. A talk about bucket lists, Burning Man and what sparks both Christina and Lise.

  • Lise and Christina’s excitement in talking about new features and information on Office 365 and SharePoint and sharing the how and why of these products on their podcast. They talk about solving business problems with Office 365 and SharePoint and how we can make people’s days better. They discuss stories from their consulting practices, client issues all illuminated by their many years of experience working in the tech industry.

  • What is means to be a part of a community and to contribute to it with a podcast and both of Lise and Christina’s origin stories coming up in technology. Their take on diversity, inclusion, pay equity and the opportunities they both have had and reached for in their careers.

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Note: Burning Man, to be clear started in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco.

Lise Rasmussen

Lise Rasmussen is an Office 365/SharePoint consultant who has worked with SharePoint for more than 15 years in many different roles. This year she made her debut as a speaker at the SEF conference about hub sites and Teams and loved it! Lise started WitGirls Podcast in 2017.

Christina Gibson

Christina Gibson is an Office 365/SharePoint Consultant focusing on business analysis together with building solutions. Her driver is to transform business needs into technical solutions in Office 365 Services and SharePoint On-Premises.

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