Episode 333 - Imposter Syndrome, Ego, and Influence


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Why do you get so much resistance, especially when it is a no brainer for them to say yes? It usually comes back to a bruised ego or low self-esteem. It can be easily fixed with a little praise and understanding of human nature. Most people don’t praise because they are concerned it will appear phony, their prospect won’t believe them or they might even get upset.

Impostor syndrome is more common than you think

Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? Do you have it? Do you work with people that do? A few of the causes can be low esteem, lack of praise and unrealistic expectations. On this week’s podcast, I talk about imposter syndrome and how it hinders your ability to influence and how to persuade past it. Click to listen to….. Imposter Syndrome, Ego, And Influence

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