Episode 335 - Science of Being Happy (And Creating Happiness)


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The great persuaders I have found and interviewed are happy people. They love and enjoy life. They are very successful. They attract people to them. How does society define success? By fame, fortune, achievement, or material wealth.

When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness

Notice that every single one of these measures is external. None of them has anything to do with inner peace or purpose. We think we will be happy when we finally make our fortune, graduate from college, retire, are promoted, or end up at the top in business.

Want to understand the science of happiness? The role of using humor in persuasion?. Join me for this week’s podcast on the Science of Being Happy (And Creating Happiness). I will take a deep dive into the simple things we can do to increase our happiness and the happiness of everyone around us.

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