Episode 346 - Interview with James Malinchak


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When you are not disciplined in all aspects of your life, it will pull you down. Let’s say you are disciplined in 4 areas of your life and in 2 areas you are not so disciplined. Each weak area of your life affects the strong areas of your life. Self-discipline is critical in every aspect of your life.

Ask yourself where are your habits taking you? Then ponder about what are the long-term consequences of this habit? The key is coming up with a game plan on how you are going to replace this habit and what are you going to do when your self-discipline is feeling weak. Choose your weakest habit today and find your solution, and create a game plan.

If you want to understand self-discipline and success – listen to this week’s podcast for success expert James Malinchak. We take a deep dive into what it takes to be more successful and how to make your business grow.

To learn more about James visit his website here.

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