MAXMO - Corey Sigvaldason on How Asking The "What If?" Question Leads To The Royalty Of High Performance


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Corey Sigvaldason HOP® Nation Podcast Keynotes and training workshops The Gamechanger Equation™ HOP® M-MBA

1. Give me your favorite quote and explain why and how it helps you. a) Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 NIV b) “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou 2. Give me a moment where when looking back you let slip away and it impacted your life at some level. Nothing coming to mind but know I have missed my wife and children while traveling around the world for business as I would rather have them with me. We have created the freedom to do that now. 3. Have you ever had a time where you knew there was more for you to do in life or accomplish, but were in a position or job or career that didn't quite line up with that, how did you maximize that moment? Yes. I left the organization and position and spent a few months working on moving towards what the purpose and the calling in my life is. Doors opened up and life was much happier at that point forward. I recently made a similar decision to shut down the accredited private college I owned to pursue my passion and calling with my HOP work solely. 4. Do you have a story of a time that when maximizing the moment was important or meaningful to you? June 2008 in north India. Meeting the poorest children there while sponsoring some medical clinics in the shanty towns. I HAVE A PICTURE I KEPT OF THEM SMILING AND WAVING TO ME and realizing they were happy despite their terrible life circumstance – in that moment we shared together. I told the director of the mission group that was amazing and when he told me that the sad thing is 95% of those children won’t see their 13 th birthday…I broke into tears in front of 7 other men I met just 20 minutes before. I knew then I had to do something to change that situation and make the world better for children, like them, and their families. My WHY is to change the world through education and entrepreneurship. That comes from that experience. 5. How would you define a maximizing moment? Being present for others and making their life better while feeling fulfilled and happy myself. 6. If you could share 3 immediate action steps to take for a person to maximize a defining moment in their life what would that be?  Be Happy and Grateful  Dream Big!

 Serve greatly and focus on ROI (return on impact)

7. Do you have any parting words, comments or instruction for the audience you want to share?

 Love and serve more  Adopt a “What If” philosophy for your life  Focus on energy and priority management, not time management.  Ask better questions  Rather than aspiring to be a king, be a king maker – that is where the most opportunity for ROI (Return on Impact) lies and few play  Focus on the Drivers and Superchargers of Performance (This is my PhD research and what has become the foundation of the HOP Model I am known for)

8. How can the audience find you or what are you promoting (book, website, video etc)? HOP® Nation Podcast Keynotes and training workshops The Gamechanger Equation™ HOP® M-MBA Upcoming Books and Psychometrics we developed (10 Qs Questionnaire and the HOP® Business Profile Index, HOP® Organizer, HOP® Energy & Priority Planner, and courses and programs we run).

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