Mayhem Acadedmy: The Power of Ja'kira


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The future is here and the world as you know it, has changed. Pollution, disease and poverty are a thing of the ancient past. The surface of the beautiful blue planet has once again become a paradise and the world is finally at peace. That is, until the ambient energy from a long forgotten war finds a new home; in the unborn children of the year 2037. Afraid of what this development could mean, the world governments agree to create an experimental school called the Mayhem Academy. This highly advanced school not only educates and houses these incredible children but teaches them how to safely use their potentially dangerous abilities.After a decade of the Academy’s successful operation, the governments breathe a sigh of relief. Unbeknownst to those watching the school, there are sinister forces at work, plotting to see that the Academy fails and that the history; that has been wiped from the minds of the populace, is allowed to repeat itself. Join the students of the Mayhem Academy as they fight these forces and struggle to find their true destiny in a world on the brink of disaster

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