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In this weeks episode Jay McInnes & Ben Robinson discuss the current climate of the market when Listing your home for sale and how to create realistic expectations of a sale.

A lot of people at the moment are still acting like the market never softened.& their homes did not adjust in value over the past year. If you are actually wanting to sell your home this is a very dangerous approach to the market as you will get no traction and you will not sell your property. Buyers have time on their side currently & they know it. All MLS data (days on market & all of your comparable properties) is public now. All of this data can be found easily by all Buyers Agents. You can not trick the market into paying more for your home than it is worth. don't forget that if you ACTUALLY want to sell.. Listen to your agents and the comparable properties they are justifying their suggested pricing from, It's the smartest thing you can do.

If you have any questions on this topic please don't hesitate to be in touch at your convenience.

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