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Why arrogance is killing your sale! In the current climate of the vancouver real estate market there is a disconnect. Sellers for the most part still believe they have the upper hand. Unless they have priced accurately based on relative market comparable & not using peak market pricing as a benchmark, there is a problem.

In this market more than ever in the past couple of hand fulls of years, you need to accurately select an agent to work on your behalf. You need to select an agent who is going to provide you with the most accurate list o market comparables and market / neighbourhood / product type insight so you have an edge in the current Buyers Market.

Interview more than one agent and fund one who you believe is the best one for the job based on the information they are bringing to the table to provide absolute clarity on your current market value.

For any further information with regards to current market climate & trends please don't hesitate to contact us direct at the details below.

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