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This week Ben & Jay discuss the facts behind being a Savvy Buyer & NOT a Silly Buyer in the current market!

The current market climate has brought out an abundance of people with excuses on why the market prices will continue to drop and why it is a great time to wait to purchase. While some should of course wait if they believe this is the best choice, for those actually wanting to achieve a purchase these are some do's & don'ts.

This video will outline what these common do's and don'ts are that we are hearing & experiencing in the current market.

If you are serious about purchasing today you really want to steer clear of these don'ts as they are surely going to keep you out of the market while it is currently on sale from the peak pricing of 2018!

For any further information on this topic please don't hesitate to be in touch and message us directly at your convenience.

Happy viewing!

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