E#75 - Illusion or Delusion - NOTHING is Selling Right Now! Vancouver Real Estate


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In this episode Ben & Jay discuss the current state of what some extreme market predictions are out there by some of our viewers. Additionally they discuss what they are seeing by way of market activity, their opinions on where the market is going from here and how much Vancouver Real Estate is ACTUALLY selling in the 2019 calendar year to date....

Even though we are still in a Buyers Market, the Vancouver Real Estate Market has very substantial turnover. Even though the market is posting record months for lack of home sales, there are still a large number of homes selling. Even though things are typically selling under asking price, there are still a large number of homes selling. Here is a hint of the activity, there have been more homes sold in Vancouver this year than a typical year in New York!

Contact us today for specific market details pertaining to your home if you are thinking of selling and achieving the highest price in the current climate!

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At 2:00 in the video: The correct numbers are as follows:

ALL B.C Sales Year to date – 17,628 (average 2,518 sales/month)

ALL Vancouver Sales Year to date – 10,825 (average 1,546 sales/month)


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