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Welcome to Cleveland, a city plagued by joblessness, riddled with abandoned buildings, and one of the most dangerous cities in America. There is only one man big enough to put this city on his back: V.I. With a voice and style like no other, his aggressive nature demands respect. Cleveland born and raised, V.I. is a true product of the city that birthed him. He has figuratively and literally put the city on his back. He represents the true sentiment of the people in the streets, not the glamorized image that most artists attempt to portray. He's not a studio gangster, drug lord or somebody who fabricated a story-line for street cred. If it's not done on the streets it's not done in the booth. A true businessman who has independently invested in himself, he has built one of the fastest growing hip hop movements. He started by turning $50 into a multi-million dollar premiere recording facility (Lounge Studios) in Times Square N.Y C. With his first mixtape (Northern Exposure), he toured the nation with appearances that included NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas and Russel Simmons' Hip Hop Summit in Detroit. Building upon the success of his multi-platinum, grammy nominated recording studio, V.I. has set out to bring the music back to the people. This is the mission....This is the movement....This is MEAN MUG MUSIC!!

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