Queer Food: From Mutual Aid to Fine Dining


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We’ll introduce you to incredible organizations combatting hunger and homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community and take stock of queer culinary spaces that are safe, joyful, and liberating. Join us for an episode all about Pride as we dig into the rich intersection between food, drink, and the LGBTQ community.

Further Reading:

Learn more about the work that the Brave Space Alliance does here.

To learn more about the Los Angeles LGBT Center Culinary Program and find out how you might enroll in it, visit this website, visit the Liberation Coffee House and their Anita May Rosenstein campus or contact them here.

For more on Ginger’s check out their instagram page. For more information on the work being done by the Lesbian Bar Project to document and support lesbian bars across the country, click here.

HAGS will be opening on July 20th! Keep an eye on their website to get your reservation and follow their restaurant’s journey on Instagram.

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