Episode 79: War Crimes Flashback


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We watched episodes 85, 86, and 87, and Zuru's dad starts to realize that maybe he's evil. A little.

This week we talk about they time, MediEvil, horny week, the secret to drift, butch icon Miss Nae, that was short, kids love murderbots, kinda just sucks, recycling bad lessons, bad dad award, DEATH TO THE OPPOSITION, just as bad (still), Bulk and Skull, an eye for an eye, suddenly a fight, thermonuclear jarts, robo torture, TRON time, to test my abilities, sounds tall, way too much food, give him the steppy, the Kiloforce, fucked up bloopy ringtone, everyone is shitty, "double wristing", speed holes, oh I'm evil, still evil, bad reunion, and megaman rantsona.

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